Cyber Forensic & Investigation

Cyber Forensic& Investigation


Cyber Forensic and Investigation vertical of CS-CoE would ideally support Cyber Forensic & Crime Investigation Units of the Police authorities across the State by extending technology, tools, manpower and training for augmenting their capabilities.

Cyber Forensic means the scientific examination and analysis of digital evidence in such a way that the information can be used as evidence in a court of law.The main objectives of Cyber Forensic are:

  • Build capacity of the Law Enforcement Agencies in cyber-crime investigations and cyber forensics
  • Strengthen data security and breach investigation capabilities to encourage reporting and speedy trial of cyber-crimes/incidents

The generalized activities under Cyber Forensic are:

  • Identification of suspect data
  • Secure collection of data
  • Examination of suspect data to determine details such as origin and content
  • Presentation of computer-based information to courts of law
  • Application of a country’s laws to computer practice.

The basic methodology that are followed under Cyber Forensic are: Acquire, Authenticate & Analyze West Bengal Cyber Security Centre of Excellence envisages building of a Cyber Crime Combat Centre consisting of:

Technology Assisted Investigation (TAI) capability aims at real time digital media analytics to police for investigating crimes.

Technology Assisted Policing and Analytics Centre (TAPAC) aims to capture data from various data sources and analyze the ingested data to provide actionable intelligence to Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA).

The Cyber Forensics framework in WB are based on a Distributed Model.

State Level Investigation Center:

The major activities are:

  • 1. Coordination with national level bodies
  • 2. Focal point handling High profile cases
  • 3. Policy Making and Strategic Analysis
  • 4. Coordination with District -level laboratories
  • 5. Pool of high End Forensic Experts
  • 6. High profile & complex cases
  • 7. Advanced Cyber Investigation Centre
District Cyber Police Stations

The major activities are:

Coordination with City-level cyber laboratories

  • 1. Used by local Police for investigation
  • 2. Small team for Basis/Generic cases
  • 3. Basic Infrastructure & skills

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