Cyber Adjudication

Cyber Adjudication


As per Information Technology Act 2000, Govt. of India U/S 46, Subsection 5, every Adjudicating Officer shall have the powers of the civil court and that all the proceedings before the adjudicating officer shall be deemed to be judicial proceedings within the meaning of Section 193 & 228 of Indian Penal Code

Snapshot of Section 46 of IT Act 2000 is mentioned below:

As per G.S.R 240 (E) it was mentioned that Secretary of the Department of Information Technology of each States or Union Territories will be appointed as Adjudicating Officers for the purposes of the IT Act 2000.

Form To Pray:

Proforma for lodging complaint to the Adjudicating Officer under IT Act 2000 is mentioned below.

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To Whom to Prayer

Additional Chief Secretary
Department of Information Technology & Electronics,
Government of West Bengal
“Monibhandar” (5th and 6th floor),
Premise of Webel Bhavan,
Block – EP & GP, Sector-V, Salt Lake
Kolkata – 700 091
Phones: 91 33 2357-2533
Fax: 91 33 2357-2534

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