Awareness Generation & Capacity Building

Awareness Generation & Capacity Building

The main objective of establishment of CS-CoE is to generate awareness on Cyber Security amongst the citizen as well as Government employee through various capacity building and awareness programme. The objective under this vertical are:-

  • Creation of niche workforce, tools and aware citizens in order to protect cyber space
  • Make State competitive and increase share in the rapidly growing market

In the 2nd Empowered Committee meeting on Cyber Security it was decided that CS-CoE center would focus on skill development of government officials as well as awareness generation to the common citizen on Cyber Security. The center would also provide assistance to create a resource pool on Cyber Security. The center will organize workshops/ seminars where stakeholders from the State, Centre, Academia, Law Enforcement and Private entities can participate and share their experiences, best practices, impediments faced along with their vision for the future.

CS-CoE provides assistance to State Forensic Science Laboratory (S-FSL): – For more details click here.

List of activities performed under Capacity Building & Awareness till now: – For more details click here.

Upcoming workshop: Exchange of Knowledge on Cyber Security to be held on 16th March, 2018; to participate click here.

Capacity Building Plan:- For more details click here.

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